Our fates entwine, embarking on a journey to find the gears that can change the world.

各角色 各角色



Embark on an epic action-adventure in TEVI,
a bullet hell metroidvania!

Explore a sprawling world scarred by conflict. Find hidden secrets.
Upgrade and customize your build to execute flashy combos.

Triumph in spectacular boss battles. Slash, dash, dodge,
and shoot as mysteries unfold.



TEVI’s battle system is composed of elements such as melee combat, ranged attacks, dodging, bullet erasure, invincibility, BREAK, crowd control, combo ranks, expanding and upgrading gear, and customizing character build via sigil equipment.

The protagonist Tevi excels in melee combat, utilizing smooth controls and feedback for fast striking. Her two floating orbitars are responsible for ranged attacks and can switch between different modes with unique features to support combat, protect Tevi, or cause massive bursts of damage.

The combination of different sigils will also greatly affect the battle system, including strengthening, adding, and even changing existing abilities. Players can create their own play style by configuring sigils according to their preferences!


Ein Lee

Ein Lee is the original concept creator, art director/lead artist, and writer for TEVI.

She pitched the concept for TEVI and dreamed up the world and its characters with the sole intent of putting them in cool outfits and dramatic situations, before spending the next many years designing everything from portraits and sprites to backgrounds and monsters.

When she wasn’t drawing, she was poring over the script, doing translation, or playtesting.

Outside of the project, she has had extensive industry experience as a concept artist and illustrator, and spends her time collecting books while missing the days of early 2000’s Ragnarok Online and Neopets.

Follow her on Twitter @einbeans

WAERO is the producer, director, writer, and jack-of-all-trades for TEVI. Previously, he cooperated with GemaYue during the development of Rabi-Ribi, providing many QoL improvements.

For TEVI, he has extended this expertise in an effort to optimize the players’ experience, while assuming a directorial role on behalf of CreSpirit.

Additionally, he has had a hand in all parts of production, from story writing, animation supervision, boss designs, to making sure that the whole project proceeds smoothly.

He is the glue that holds the team together. He is also an illustrator and uses his off-duty time to draw works of unknown meaning.

Follow him on Twitter @Waero_Game

GemaYue is the gameplay designer and programmer for TEVI, whose love for bunnies is the reason why Tevi has bunny ears.

His previous game Rabi-Ribi was met with critical acclaim and he now dedicates his time to creating even more cute bunny games. For TEVI, he designed just about every aspect of how the game plays, from player character movements to enemy behaviors, items and level designs, and of course, boss fights.

Then he codes and tests them in the game. As you can see, he likes bunnies; real life ones or those of the fictional, humanoid persuasion.  Perhaps every game he is involved with henceforth will feature bunnies... Only time will tell. Bunny bless.

Follow him on Twitter @GemaYue


  • Game Title:


  • Game Genre:

    Action-adventure 2D platformer, Metroidvania

  • Supported platforms:

    PC, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox

  • Release Date:


  • Price:


  • Language Support:

    Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, Japanese

  • Number of Players:


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  • Developers:

    Ein Lee, Waero, GemaYue

  • Publisher:



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    Expect to ship by 2023 Q3. (Actual date TBA)

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